Try These Stretches To Release A Pinched Nerve In Your Back And Treat Sciatica

Sciatica is a difficult and painful condition brought on by irritation in the sciatic nerve which can send pain down to the feet. It causes a sharp and burning pain and even numbness in the feet accompanied by difficulty moving and pain when standing or sitting. The pain usually goes down one foot, and is more intense in the limb than the back. It also intensifies when standing or sitting for a prolonged period and is more “active” overnight.

For decades, doctors have been treating sciatica with painkillers and other medications. These pills, however, come with a host of side-effects and do nothing more than mask the pain. Recently, more and more people have been improving their symptoms with the help of a few exercises which work better than pills and can relieve the inflammation and irritation in the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica exercises (stretches)

Certain stretches work great against all the symptoms of the condition and the underlying problem. The stretches we have for you below can relive the inflammation in the nerve and help you move freely again. They might be difficult to perform in the beginning, but they will get easier as you get used to them.

All the stretches should be performed on a flat surface.

Stretch #1

Lie on a yoga mat on the floor, bend the aching leg and cross it over the other, then pull it towards your chest until you feel a slight stretch. Stay in that position for half a minute, then take a short break and repeat it a few more times.

Stretch #2

Lie on a yoga mat on the floor and bend one of your knees without lifting your buttocks off the ground. Now, cross the bent leg over the other thigh and pull it to your chest, then keep it in that position for 30 seconds before releasing. Repeat the stretch a few more times.

Both stretches can be done anywhere and anytime and will work great against your sciatica. They will boost the blood flow to the area and relax your muscles, effectively reducing the pain and accelerating your recovery.

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