This Is the Murderer of Obesity. Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days with One Tbsp only

Experts believe that some of the most beneficial weight loss methods are the ones that help you speed up the metabolism. One way to achieve this is with the help of natural foods, particularly spices.

The Power of Spices

According to a study done by the Medical Science University of Iran, there were 88 overweight women who consumed healthy food and ate less than 500 calories per day. However, one group consumed 3 grams of cumin daily mixed with 140 grams of yogurt on an empty stomach whereas the other group consumed yogurt, but without the cumin. The former group lost 14 pounds more than the other group.

Why Is Cumin So Beneficial for People Who Want to Lose Weight?

Cumin has an abundance of filosterole which has the power to prevent retention of cholesterol in the body. It also speeds the metabolism and encourages weight loss. Therefore, if you’ve been trying to lose weight, but nothing seems to help, it’s time to add cumin to your daily diet and see what happens.

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