How To Make Your Saggy Stomach Skin Smooth Naturally

Have you worked your tail off to lose weight, accomplished your goal of fitting into certain clothes only to be surprised by a new challenge? Saggy skin.

You’re not alone, countless others have climbed mountains (e.g. gym, running, diet, etc.) to finally look and feel good and felt like they still lost the game because when they took their clothes off there was still unfinished business.

It usually takes someone losing 50, 100 or more pounds to fall into this category, but many others also know what it’s like to have excess skin but don’t know what to do about it. Not to mention the leftover skin reminds them of the old version (in terms of obesity) of themselves they didn’t like.

The excess skin also demands special attention in terms of careful cleaning between the skin folds in order to avoid rashes and bacterial infections.

The other thing to consider is finding the right kind of clothing that conceals the existence of what’s underneath, which can also lead to more embarrassment and anxiety of literally not feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Unfortunately, the clothes that should fit their new size doesn’t look the way it should and creates more unhappiness. Ironically this is the same feeling we are trying to overcome by losing the weight in the first place. Many people say that they still feel like they’re wearing a “fat suit.”

“What I’ve found, it’s very interesting — they go and get these surgeries, and then they come in and they’re still not happy,” says Dr. Steve Wallach, a cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan.

There are accounts of people who lose the weight as a result of the surgery, knowing what to expect on the backend in terms of excess skin, and still feel blindsided by how depressing it made them feel none-the-less. It further messes with the mind when you see a change on the scale but not in your heart.

Many insurance companies cover the surgery for health reasons, but cosmetic aspects that need to be dealt with after aren’t usually covered leaving many faced with an expensive decision. And like all surgeries, plastic surgery comes with its own risks.

The natural recipe we have for you today can bring some hope into the equation and can help make your skin smooth again!

Here are the ingredients required:

Watch the video below for the instructions for the recipe…

Look, on a good day I consider myself confident with moderate self-esteem; a person walking on a spiritual path and yet how I look matters to me. A lot.

Why is that?

Why does our physical appearance affect our self-esteem/self-love so much?

I have theories and there are countless articles from experts to go in great length unpacking this topic, but reading all of that still doesn’t take away the fact that I care about how I look. So my solution is work with what I got and be the best version of myself that’s all I can ask for.

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