Your Earwax Can Tell How Healthy You Are

Earwax was something I didn’t really pay that much attention to until I discovered it can tell us a lot about the state of our health.

The thing is our body makes it for very important health reasons. It protects us against foreign invaders and if we know what to look for in its coloration we can learn certain things about our health.

As I was eluding to, earwax isn’t in our lives to annoy us. We make this funky substance to prevent bacteria and tiny creatures like insects from climbing in and setting up shop.

Earwax isn’t exactly wax either. It’s a blend of fatty acids, squalene, and alcohol (not vodka-like so don’t try to eat it for a buzz).

I have a major tip that I learned the hard way…if you feel the need to clean your ear out, do NOT stick a Qtip into the canal to dig stuff out. Yes, you can clean the outer ear, but when it comes to the inner ear try doing a flush with vinegar and water.

I tried this in attempt to clear out some wax build up and I injured my eardrum. It took over a month to fully heal.

Which Earwax Color and Texture Do You Have?

1. Yellow, wet and sticky

This is the gold standard (for adults), no pun intended. Just consider this the normal/optimal type of earwax.

2. Pale yellow

This is the gold standard for kids. Also, note that kids make more earwax than adults.

3. Gray

Gray earwax looks strange, no doubt. This color just means the ear has been doing a little spring cleaning, nothing to worry about unless the wax is dry and brittle. If that’s the case, plus your ear feels itchy, it may be signs of eczema. This condition isn’t life or death either but I would have it checked out by a physician.

4. Dark and sticky

If it’s a darker color (and sticky) it typically means you have been sweating a lot. This color and texture combination is healthy.

5. Dark and thick

Similar situation as cited in the one above (no. 4), however, you may want to consider having this flushed out before it creates a blockage that affects your hearing.

6. Dry, white and flaky

Normal color and texture, usually associated with those to have less body perspiration.

7. Wet and runny

Wet and runny is one thing (nothing to worry about), but if it looks like pus it could be an indication of infection or perforated eardrum. If this is the situation, make an appointment to see your doctor ASAP.

8. Bloody wax

You guessed it, not good. Chances are you have a perforated eardrum.

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